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STEP 1 .

Sign In


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Search for Products


Search by Category

Search by Category by clicking on the By Categories tab.



Search by Brands

Search by Brand by clicking on the By Brands tab.



Search by Product Name

Already know the name of the product? Search by name in the Search function. Located on the top right next to Sign In.



Search by Barcode

Already know the barcode of the product? Search by barcode in the Search function. Located on the top right next to Sign In.


STEP 3 .

Add to Cart, Delivery & Payment Methods


Checking your Cart

After you have added the products you wish to order to cart, proceed to the Cart icon located on the upper right.

This will bring your the an Order Summary page to check your order for correct products and units


Delivery & Payment Methods

Select the following:

Shipping Destination: Malaysia

Delivery Method: SHH Logistics

Payment Method: Store Applied Payment Terms


STEP 4 .

Checking Out and Placing Order


Proceed to Checkout

After you have confirmed your order is correct, click the green Proceed to Checkout button.




Billing and Delivery Details

Check your billing and delivery details before proceeding.

Click on the green Place Order button when you are done.

STEP 5 .

Order Submitted


Order Confirmation Page

After submitting your order, you will see the order confirmation page will.



Order Confirmation Email

An order confirmation email will be sent to the email registered to your account.


STEP 6 .

Order Verification

Order Verification by Sales Representative


After your order has been placed successfully, our sales representative will attend to your order and contact you via phone within two working days to verify your order and arrange for delivery.

If you have not received a call from our sales representative, click here to check on your Order Verification.


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